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Tea Sample Sets


These pairings of some of our most popular teas are sure to make you jump for joy when you try them. Almost every pairing features two different types (black, herbal, green, etc.) tea.  

Good Morning, Good Night: Sunrise Blend (black Assam tea) and Sunset Blend (herbal, vanilla and caramel)

Pucker and Pout: Pucker Up (herbal, raspberry and citrus) and When Life Gives you Lemons (black, lemon)

Seaside Sips: Deep Sea (black, cinnamon) and Island Bridge Jumpers (green, peach)

Relaxing Sips: Summerside Fog (black, Earl Grey) and Cradle in the Waves (herbal, camomile)

Berry Nice: Berry Pickin' (green, strawberry) and PEI Wild Blueberry (black, blueberry)

Cinnamon Sips: Oh My Chai (black, Masala Chai) and Chicken Bones (black, cinnamon)

Good to Be Green: Go Green (green tea) and Amazing Mint (herbal, peppermint) 

Tea Sample Sets