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My Irish Cousin


Everyone has an Irish cousin-or at least they do on St. Patrick's Day. Perhaps the reason this tea is so loved by the Irish is for its robustness. A strong tea to start the morning after an evening sipping at the Pub. Pairs well with an egg fry and black pudding. This strong tea features a blend of Kenyan and Assam teas giving it a hardy malty flavour and profound floral notes and coppery colour. 

Tea Fact: 

Teas like My Irish Cousin and other breakfast teas are usually called "_____" Breakfast because they are suitable for that meal of the day. An English Breakfast Tea pairs well with a traditional English breakfast. ("Infused", by Henrietta Lovell) 


Perfect Sip:

Bring cold water to a full boil. Add 1 teaspoon of loose tea per cup. Steep tea 3-5 minutes before sipping.

After 2-3 sips enjoy life and live it fully!

My Irish Cousin