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Holiday Tea Pack


Try our holiday teas, spread the love with SipT, add it as a stocking stuffer whatever you like with our 5-pack holiday tea set. Featuring favourites Candy Cane Lane, Tea Nog, Chicken Bones, Winter Wonderland, and Gingerbread house this sample set is great for tea lovers. 


Winter Wonderland: A classic black tea with cinnamon, orange, clove & blackberry leaves. Sipping on this tea is recommended after such events as sledding, skating and snowman-making! This spicey blend features hints of the classic wintery time.

Gingerbread House: That nostalgic feeling of building a gingerbread house is what this sip brings. A black tea with all the notes of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and Star of Anise. This tea is partly inspired by the spicy flavour of traditional German gingerbread cookies.

Tea Nog: In the festive season, this hot tea is a comforting alternative to its creamy cousin-egg nog. An orange Pekoe tea with rum notes and sweet caramel, it is sure to put the merry in your step and the jingle in your stride. This blend is partly inspired by more modern egg-nog flavour notes that would have been brought to British colonies in America. 

Candy Cane Lane: Snowy nights and Christmas lights, take a stroll down candy cane lane with minty sips.  Santa is watching so make sure you are nice and pick up a bag for a pal. Featuring a blend of black tea, peppermint leaves and real candy canes this tea is a sweet treat. 

Chicken Bones: A slightly weird Maritime tradition since 1995.  This tea is inspired by those amazing sticky pink candies often found in Christmas Stockings.  They were developed by the Ganong family in St. Stephen, NB Spicy cinnamon with sweet chocolate.

Pack features five, 20g bags of tea.

Holiday Tea Pack