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Amazing Mint


Peppermint leaves make a refreshing and revitalizing tea. So much so that you will feel AMAZING, like you can do ANYTHING! This energizing and detoxifying tea deliver sips you can feel good about. This stomach-soothing, invigorating, stress-reducing and delicious tea will set you straight for the day! 

Tea Fact:
According to a myth from Ancient Greece, this cool herb gets its name from the nymph Menthe. Pluto, a god fell madly in love with Menthe, but his wife, Persephone wasn't thrilled by their love. So, Persephone turned the nymph into a plant. Pluto couldn't undo the transformation, but he was able to infuse the plant with the smell we know as peppermint today. (Metropolitan Tea Company). 


Perfect Sip:

Bring cold water to a boil. Add 1 tsp of loose leaf tea per cup. Steep tea 3-5 minutes before sipping. After 2-3 sips enjoy life and live it fully!

Try it iced or as a latte!

Amazing Mint